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Misconceptions About A Diamond Engagement Ring

A Diamond Engagement Ring Has Long Been The Ultimate Symbol Of Wealth And Status, But There Are Several Widespread Misconceptions That Exist About Diamonds.

Diamonds Have Long Been Credited With Unique And Special Properties, A State Of Affairs That Goes Some Way To Explaining The Universal Popularity Of The Diamond Engagement Ring.

While It Is True That Diamonds Are The Hardest Material Found On Earth, They Have No Unique Distinctions Other Than That.

Diamonds Are The Most Rare Many People Believe That Diamonds Are The Rarest Material Found On Earth; However, This Is Not The Case.

All Gems Are Rare And, In Fact, Diamonds Are Actually The Most Common.

If You Are In Any Doubt, Just Consider How Many Women Around The Globe Own A Diamond Engagement Ring.

Other Extremely Rare Gems Include Alexandrite, Red Beryl, Tanzanite And Benitoite.

Interestingly, In Space, Diamonds Are Also Common As When Stars Collapse On Themselves, They Can Create Giant Diamond Crystals.

In The Constellation Centaurus, There Is A White Dwarf That Has Crystallised Into A Diamond That Is 2,500 Miles In Diameter.

Diamond Are The Most Valuable You Cannot Just Say That One Type Of Gem Is More Valuable Than Another.

You Cannot Just Compare Gems, But You Need To Judge The Size And Quality Of Different Gemstones.

The Average Price For Diamonds Of More Than One Carat Is Less Than $45,000 Per Carat, But For A Ruby Of A Similar Size, The Price Can Reach $100,000 Per Carat.

This Does Not Even Mention The Price Of An Alexandrite Which Can Fetch A Stunning $1,000,000 Per Carat.

Clearly, While Diamonds Are Costly, Particularly The Traditional Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, They Are By No Means The Most Expensive Gemstone You Could Buy.

Furthermore, It Is Only The Slightly Larger, Better Quality Diamonds That Are Valuable; Small, Low Quality Diamonds Are Available In Large Quantities For Sometimes Just $1 Apiece.

Diamonds Are The Most Brilliant Diamonds Are Generally Perceived To Be The Most Brilliant Gemstone, With A Unique Sparkle That Outshines All Others.

Technically, The Brilliance Of A Gemstone Is Determined By The Cut And The Refractive Index Of The Gem In Question.

Diamonds Have A Very High Refractive Index Of 2.

41 Which Means Diamonds Have The Potential - If Properly Cut - To Be Exceptionally Brilliant.

If You Need Proof Of This, Just Look At A Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

However, This Is Nothing Compared To The 2.

9 Refractive Index Of Rutile, A Deep, Wine-red Quartz.

There Are At Least 15 Minerals With A Higher Refractive Index Than Diamond, Which Means That These Gems Have The Potential To Exceed Even The Renowned Sparkle Of A Diamond Engagement Ring.

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